How To Start Your Own Training Academy (F2F)

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How To Start Your Own Beauty Training Academy (Face-To-Face)

Have you ever thought about starting your own training academy but didn’t know where to start? It’s simpler than you would think to start your own beauty academy, to teach others the topic you are most passionate about! 

Let us guide you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to start your own training academy, and we can promise you that you will be closer than ever to opening your own beauty training academy! 

This page has been thoughtfully pieced together in order to make the process easier and clear to understand, with helpful recommendations from experienced academy owners. 

So, where should we start? 

What teaching qualifications do I need to start my training academy? 

In order for you to be able to train students to perform beauty treatments, you will need to hold certain qualifications that state your ability to teach other people the knowledge you know. 

To match your experience with formally taught abilities, you must possess a teaching credential like the VTCT Level 3 Award in Education & Training (AET) that is a necessity if you are looking to proceed with a career in beauty teaching. 

There are many companies out there that can offer you the VTCT Level 3 Award in Education & Training, we do however recommend Hampson Training Academy as this qualification can be completed all online with a 15-minute virtual microteach assessment to conclude the course. This course usually takes around 1-2 days to complete and can be done in around other commitments to avoid impacting your daily life. 

Another qualification to consider is the VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement for assessments in either a work- or training-related setting, or in the case of the Understanding Principles and Practice Award, it gives you a theoretical introduction to conducting assessments. The skills, knowledge, and understanding required to evaluate others are covered by the assessor credentials. Again, we recommend Hampson Training Academy as they have a similar set up with the AET Qualification. 

Always make sure you have the appropriate certification in any hair and beauty treatments. Making sure that you at least strive for the greatest level or that you hold it yourself is important practise. 

So, do you possess the required expertise? then carry on reading and find out the next steps to launch your very own beauty school! 

Where will you deliver the courses? 

Rent a new premises or Deliver from your current premises? 

If you already have a salon or an existing site to provide training this would eliminate the requirements for opening up a new premises, but of course you will still have to pay overheads – so make sure you have a healthy balance of time booked out for training courses and your usual business activities to cover costs. 

You could also pitch to other salons and colleges; this may be an effective way to avoid taking on the responsibilities of a premises straight away. Check out our complete Beauty School Business packs  

What content am I going to teach my training academy class with? 

In regard to teaching content, you need to look no further as here at Beauty Academy Manuals we have partnered with experts in the beauty sector to provide custom manuals so there is no need to spend hours of your precious time creating them when you can focus on the more crucial aspects of getting your business up and running in no time at all. For anyone wishing to build their training school without having to worry about spending too much time on creating their resources, our fully editable manuals are an excellent, time-saving choice that have already been pre-approved and accredited by Course Accreditation. 

Experienced beauty professionals who understand exactly the in-depth material required for teachers to benefit fully from their courses have tried and tested each of our Manuals. Our beauty professionals have over 100 combined years within the beauty industry, and they have encountered numerous subpar training manuals over the course of their schooling. The Beauty Academy Editable Manuals are available to help future aspirant training professionals overcome poorly written manuals thanks to their more than 20 years, each, of experience in the field. 

Beauty Academy Course Manuals – Beauty Academy Manuals 100+ Manuals 


How will I get accredited? 

Accreditation is a major factor within the beauty course industry. This is because training providers need to make sure that their courses, they deliver are efficient and contain relevant content to the subject in hand. By having your courses/course material accredited, you are showing your students that the course has reached a certain standard and that they will be able to obtain insurance upon competition of your course. 

The Accreditation company that we use to accredit all our manuals is Course Accreditation who have simple and low-cost plans, we will also have Training Academy Packs available soon that come with a complete years’ worth of free accreditation! 

 For Accreditation, Click  here for more details.  

What INSURANCE do I need? 

🤍 Public Liability Insurance for Private Tutors 

🤍 Professional Indemnity Insurance for Private Tutors 

🤍 Tutor Policy 

🤍 Products Liability Insurance 

This is just a brief explanation, however, Click here for more details.  


Training Academy Policies and how to put them in place 

The policy serves as the foundation and point of emphasis for all training efforts since it is the mandate under which the training department operates. Once you’ve finished, you’ll realise that it wasn’t all that tough and that it really gives the training department in the company a more professional appearance. 

What exactly is a policy, and why is it necessary? 

We frequently hear and read the phrase “policy,” but what does a training policy mean? 

It is a document that lists the department’s goals, target audience, and real policy provisions. 

An efficient training strategy accomplishes the following: 

🤍 guides the distribution of departmental resources including trainers, money, and time 

🤍 gives activities a wide orientation. 

🤍 explains the power granted to the department and the restrictions on that power. 

You should have a website where you dedicate one page of the website to explaining all your training academy policies. E.g.: ‘Student fee policy’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Refunds Policy’, ‘Delivery Policy’, etc, basically, a more in-depth terms and conditions! 

This is important as it protects you from any claims that students could make against your training academy. Also, it helps both, the business and the students understand the academy’s policies and what to expect. Check out our Training Academy Business Packs!  

This contains information and templates needed to start your academy, they are so easy mostly just needing a logo inserted! Click here for more details. 

Tutor and Student Kits 

When you demonstrate certain courses in your training academy, you want to be using the best quality products you can find! Our recommendation for these kits to use in your academy and sell to your students are from ProSpa Beauty as they offer ready-made tutor and Student Starter Kits that contain everything you need to perform a treatment straight away as we know how frustrating it can be receiving a kit where you have to source extra add-ons that aren’t included. 

All of the products are cruelty free, organic, vegan friendly and perfect for any treatments that you are trying to demonstrate! 

Selling Student Kits by ProSpa Beauty can also generate yourself an extra income as they have affiliate programs that academies can buy the complete kits at a discounted price so that you can then sell onto students for the RRP (which is a higher price) for example, the academy buys the kits in for £79.99inc vat and then sell to their student for £99.99inc vat creating a £20 profit per student kit sold. ProSpa Beauty also has a fulfilment process available to academy’s that don’t have the facility to hold onto stock and wish for the student kits to be send directly to the student at an addition cost of £4.99 which will be next day delivery with DPD full tracking service. Click here for more details. 


The Grand Finale! This will be your students lasting memory of your fantastic Training Academy. This is great opportunity to show case what qualifications you provide, who you are accredited by. 

If you don’t feel you have the expertise or artistic flare to create outstanding certificates, why not choose from our handy Certificate templates. Click here for more details. 


Great ways to market your business can be from a website, which you can advertise on social media platforms and in email newsletters, we are currently building a resource hub to help you with ideas and will have Marketing Business Packs available to purchase 

 Click here for more details. 

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